Exhibition “Something-∞” 16.07.2020-03.09.2020/Warsaw

Something “is undefined, unnamed. In a trace, a color spot, one can begin a free, endless journey in meanings, forms and shapes. At the source of my creative activities is the nature of the artifacts studied in blurred forms, spilled and filled with color. I filter my fascination with primitive cultures and transfer them constantly in the form of traces onto the canvas. Somewhere in a gesture, a trace we search for meaning, add content, define, and give meaning. And so on “accompanied the naming of the undefined sense of actions, now in the presented exhibition most of them are taken directly from the languages ​​of the Indians, including quechua, guarani -” Ekiriri “;” Ahakhaw “; the past versus the future, the infinity of newly emerging traces, giving them new terms based on the finiteness of known words. constitute a free answer to the questions asked about the meaning, definitions and naming of traces.