She likes to listen, observe, stop and stare. She likes calm people being quite quick tempered herself. She piles pyramids of books and never ends anything. She managed however to graduate first from the Faculty of Archeology at the University of Warsaw and then from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with the rector’s distinction at the Faculty of Painting.

Every day at work she stares at pictures from the old days, organises exhibitions and tracks precious collections of photographs. Fascinated by the unrestrained improvisation of all kinds of music. She spills color in an uncontrolled way. Always full of doubt though perhaps it does not show. Sometimes doing back-flips, loves hanging on a climbing rope. Had it been possible she would be a squaw and live in the wilderness. She is a part of the Art Front Association from the beginning of its existence, earlier from 2005 connected with the PZO in Warsaw’s Prague district, she now loosely cooperates with the artistic Association at Tarczyńska  Gallery TA3.