Tam! Prague Gallery in Warsaw

In Polish art, the term “colourism” denotes the work resulting from the tradition of sensualist painting, which consists in transmitting emotional experiences born from the artist’s direct contact with nature. ” Aleksander Wojciechowski “Polish contemporary painting” Wyd. Interpress Warsaw 1977. I would consider these words to be the basic guidelines for the painting by Ewa Czucha, presented during the exhibition at the Po Prawej Side Vistula art gallery on October 19 – December 6, 2018. which have an influence on the painting of Ewa Czucha. In her case, nature is replaced by the remains of ancient artifacts, carefully studied and transferred to the canvas in the form of increasingly simplified forms, filled with color. Years of experience and deep study of the past, countless numbers of reviewed photograms, all these are subjected to mind control and directed at the image and its content. The use of a soft line of gesture and pure colors alludes to the roots of Polish colourism. The paintings by Ewa Czucha are not nameless. The titles of the works “Where from”, “Where to”, “There”, “Etcetera”, “And so on” are basic questions about the meaning of work, the meaning of life, and the future. The intensity of color and gesture on the canvases is an answer to the questions posed. Thanks to the abstract formula, you can argue with the author. The answers are not clear cut.